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  • It is the countless losses by violent struggle , the conviction of non-violence effectiveness through other examples and leadership/planning of the non-violent struggle for guidance that help me stay non violent.
  • Regardless of political stand point politician goals can be achieved more efficiently and to less costs in terms of suffering, violonce and  deaths but only persons with extensive knowledge of Ucraine can do the analysis and set up the plan for non-violent struggle. Syncronized extensive firm non-violent struggle is very hard to defeat.
  • I would like to encourage everyone to reflect on what makes us stay non-violent even in situations when we suffer. When it comes to myself it is about conviction that non-violence is the only way ahead. The writing of Mr Gene Sharp is of great helt as it supports non-violent strategies as a workable way ahead. Whats your opinion? What helps you to stay non-violent when you loose someone dear?
  • Are leaders looking for ways to stay non-violent in Syriah?
    Some countries are now looking for argument to justify armed attack on Syriah. Indeed it is a terrible crime to use chemical weapons on civilian population. However, armed attacks have little chance to be sucessful and the risk is that civilians will suffer even more.  Red cross states this will lead to a disaster for civilian inhabitants, among those women and children. Already today, several million people do not have access to water, several million people are starving and it is impossible to reach them with support. Instead of finding arguments for attacking Syriah, leaders whould work hard to find.   knowledge and arguments for and present a non-violent strategy with the aim to solve the conflict. One would indeed expect Nobel Peace Prize winners to look very careful for non-violent strategies even in the conflict in Syriah.
  • Let us work on the alternative together!
    There is a great chance that we will be successful If we as non-violent struggle believers could join and use all our "brain-power" to define and present the alternative to violence in our region. It is not true that armed actions solve problems faster and to less costs in terms of deaths, but we need to work hard to define the alternative. For instance, in Syriah, what does the non-violent alternative look like? Can we unite to define that? Non-violent struggle is about careful analysis of the oppressor.
  • Finding The Angel In Us, Not The Demon
    We all need angels in our lives whether they are literal or spiritual angels. Ironically we spend a lot of time running from them. We run from what makes us happy and peaceful. We should always strife to allow the angel in us to always win over the demon. I have been thinking about this post for quite some time. I am not sure why I have not written this before other than timing, The world needs hope. We need hope. Wherever we are. Whatever we face. Whatever tries to make us hate. Always find the angel… Do not find the demon… Do not find ...
  • Self-Deception & Peace
    I have many times thought about when we want to make our perceived reality our own. We spend an enormous amount of time trying to justify why we are not to blame when in too many cases we conveniently forget that we are part of the problem. We try to justify our own behavior to make it right. We justify if only because of our desire to feel good, not because of the feeling of working for the overall good. I live a peaceful, convenient and comfortable life yet I never feel like iI am resting in it as I know others are in unrest. I love this initiative as it is all about finding ...
  • This initiative is just what I want...
    I really appreciate the initiative! I would say that I would consider non-violent alternatives in my area if I felt that it was presented in a convincing way. I think non-violent action needs to be very disciplined, very well organized. I think that was one of the most important lessons in Egypt. The insight in the population that there was a plan and that people were going to stick to the plan and that the plan was powerful was very important. So, a strategic plan targeting seveal areas, blogging, strikes, manifestations would be very important. Also, as observed in Egypt, the time ...
  • A people's global meeting
    The people's global meeting would be a distributed set of meetings happening simultaneously in 1000 or more cities across many thousands of interest groups, activist movements, environmentalists, neighbourhood groups and just about any group you could imagine that takes some responsibility for its environment. I would like this to take place in 2012. It will be my own individual proposal to put the pieces in place for this enormous occurrence by putting forward to as many groups as I can a large scale "test" of it, and so lay the basis for the real thing.