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  • Local tradition stories have important insights
    Local Peacebuilding is really an important crucial efficient approach. It would Interesting if any tribe members could tell why they stay non violent in the conflict. Is it because they now have a way to deal with violations through the agreement, is it because the "holy agreement itself", how do they think now when a new provocation occurs?
  •   The ISIS crisis is trying to rewind history by erasing the artificial lines using machine guns and machetes; lines that really no longer exist except in their own prehistoric imagination.
  •   Bishop Jun of Tabuk in Kalinga (Luzon, Philippines) got a letter from one of his parishioners that changed his life. This woman had recently lost her son to tribal violence. She wished to pray for her son’s murderer and to express her desire to publicly forgive him. This radical act of reconciliation was the start of the Bishop’s vision for the Ka-ili-yan Peacebuilding Institute (KPI).
  • The insight that non violent discipline is necessary for making non violent struggle work, the fostering by my parents and leaders to trust helps me to continue to believe in non violent struggle.
  • Terror act in Kenya indicates need of wise leadership and deescalation of violence
    As unarmed, innocent persons was brutally killed in Kenya by people missusing religion for human purposes of power and destabilization, the need to stand up with determination and meet this unreasonable violence with strength, non-violent discipline and conviction that violence can never be the solution is crucial and will by wise leadership finally defeat even this brutal act. ANy human beeing´s only life ended for short sighted human values is such a tragedy in the light of life´s shortness. Global efforts to stabilize region is warranted.
  • Knowing what will come and how to act helps me
    When provocations are intensive and losses painful, reminding me of goals, the right and will to be free and knowledge what may come and how to act helps me.
  • Gaza share historical similarities with background in Baltic nations and Serbia in terms of;extreme suffering in Gaza, unsuccessful violent struggle, history of non violent attempts, expertice in non violent struggle with local knowledge like for instance nonviolenceinternational, if this background is combined with distribution and communication of readings and how to plan and perform non violent acts to governmental and non governmental leaders this could really lead to shift in power if people decide to be determined as present conditions in Gaza is apartheidliknande and do not fit well with human rights, democracy and freedom. Therefore if well timed and communicated in media Gaza non violent struggle has potential to be successful. However, Gaza leaders need to be brave and guide population to maintain non violent discipline.
  • Todays NY Times report on massacres by Boko Haram in Nigeria stresses the avsolute need of concrete action from UN. Journalists help people to tell the world about the unbelievable oppression and suffering for population. Time for world to show compassion by concrete action, not by escalating violence but by protect and put pressure. The world can not continue to watch passively. People in Nigeria need help.
  • It is desirable in Ucraine for leaders & people as well as US and Russian leaders to have the courage to stop violent resistence and instead plan for nonviolent resistence
  • insight that non violent strategies can be or are just as or even more efficient as violent campaigns can bring people together with different background, believe and motiga and help people to be resilient to oppression and thereby massmobilization and shift in power may very well occur. But in order to stay non violent leadership to guide mass and control process and masses will be crucial to stay focused, determined and non violent.