Belief or religion can not be used for definition of people as juste or unjuste

Posted Jul 26, 2016
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Violation of human rights and unequaty between men and women can never be excused. When these rights are violated it is always a tragedy and can never be accepted. 

Individuals use and acts and violation of human rights in the name of any religion can accordingly never be excused and must meet our firm resistence. 

Still it is important to remember that beliefs and religions can never be used for people as either juste or unjuste, unequal or equal. It is simply a much too rough simplification. One define people based on their religion. 

Of course it must be possible to discuss any act/violation of human rights that is done and the fact that it was done in the name of a specific religion. And freedom of religion can not be used as excuse for violation of human rights. Still, that persons act and reference to religion as motivation of the act, can not be taken as motivation for defining any person/all individuals belonging to that belief as unjuste or unjuste. 

Within any belief you will be able to find both juste and unjuste people. Behaviours should be discussed  in relation to the right of every human beeing. 

Unfortunately, in these days of provocations and violation of human rights by different extreme groups in the name of religion, we very quickly define people belonging to the same religion as unjuste and a threat. Let us instead base our opinion of people on what every individual say and do, not unheard on their belief.


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