What keeps you to hold on to non-violence?Tell us your story and your view!

Posted Dec 29, 2014
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The global experience of personal suffering is tremendous! Global brain power is used by thinkers to define key fectors for effective nonviolent struggle. LIttle is known about what people with personal experience of losses hols on to in order to stay nonviolent. Is it what they were taught as children, what formed your conviction of nonviolent struggle is the right thing, is it facts as it comes to efficience of non-violent struggle in comparison to violent struggle as it comes to loss of innocent lives? Together all of you with experience globally can contribute and the collective experience can help us form key factors for maintainence of nonviolent behaviour and that can be used in improving efficiency of any non-violent struggle. Therefore don´t hesitate to contribute on this forum, your experience and reflection is invaluable!Please dont hesitate to tweet or retweet so that global beainpaower can be used to answer this inportant question!


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