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Posted Feb 12, 2012
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Peace in the Present is about finding and presenting a concrete, sustainable and realistic non-violence alternative together globally. We as founders provide a global web-forum in which we can work together in order to identify key factors for choosing a non-violent approach in a conflict. 

The path of violence, retaliation and revenge leads to more casualties and suffering than non-violent actions and 90% are civilians. Nonviolent struggle can be very powerful and violence as a resolution of conflicts has failed repeatedly all through centuries. This failure of finding resolution by violence and the increasing number of successful non-violent movements are strong arguments for why we should stay with the non-violent alternative in conflicts. 

Three important terms define Peace in the Present and what we believe in; peaceful co-existence, sustainability, and peace in mind. 

We believe it is possible to Free the goodness in the world. As Nelson Mandela once said; “The problem is not all the evilness in the world, but all the invisible goodness.” Let´s work globally to free the goodness!

Web Forum
An important first initiative for Peace in the Present has been to develop a global web-based forum for dialogue between people around the world on key factors for maintaining non-violent dicipline. The main focus for “Peace in the Present” is to inspire people to contribute on the website by telling their story, and via their contributions make it possible to identify key factors which will decide whether or not people will choose and stay with non-violent approaches in conflicts.

Peace in the Present encourages individuals around the world experiencing any type of violence people to reflect on what made them stay, or on what they think is needed to be able to stay, with the non-violent alternative despite great personal suffering. Peace in the Present ask people who know to tell people who want to know  what is crucial for anyone to choose the nonviolent alternative.

The Main Question
We would like to start our web-forum by asking people around the world to submit their peace post using the following instruction: "Considering where you live or come from, what is needed for you to choose and stay with non-violent approaches in a conflict? The focus should be less about who is right or wrong in the moment, but rather how a non-violent future can be accomplished.

You can either write a blog post with a featured image of your choice or provide an embed code to a short video. The video does not be edited or sophisticated. It can simple be a webcam capture of you talking about the topic. Right now we do not support direct uploads on the site so you will need to go to YouTube and upload it there and grab the embed code. 

The post will be published on this website."

About the organization
Peace in the Present (PIP) is a Swedish/Global non-profit organization founded in 2012 by Johan and Erik Sundelöf with the aim to inspire people globally to choose non-violent approaches in conflicts between people, populations or nations.